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15 August 2018

Great news for the Eastern Region Sector Led Improvement Programme

A special congratulations to Fran Leddra from Thurrock who has become one of three new Chairs of the national Principal Social Workers Network

1 May 2018

James Bullion becomes the regional Chair Lead for ADASS nationally

We would like to congratulate James Bullion on his new national ADASS role.

25 October 2017

ADASS Vice President 2018-19 - Nominations Result

We are pleased to announce that Julie Ogley has been elected unopposed to the role of ADASS Vice President from 12 April 2018 and then President from April 2019. She was nominated by Iain MacBeath, Director of Adult Care Services, Hertfordshire County Council and seconded by Cath Roff, Director of Adults Social Services, Leeds City Council. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Julie on her new upcoming role and have attached her ELECTION STATEMENT FOR YOU TO READ HERE.

15 May 2017

Personalisation - a good news story!

Parents of an Ipswich woman who experienced confidence and self-esteem issues say a plan offering personalised support has ‘brought their daughter back’.

13 March 2017

Thurrock won Skills for Care National Accolade for Best Recruitment Initiative in Partnership with Thurrock Coalition

For coproduction and commitment to recruit the best people and retain them, particularly in social work