ADASS East is committed to involving people who access care and support, their carers, families and friends in the development of regional improvement work alongside commissioners and providers. We recognise that co-production is not just about informing and consulting people but it’s about involving people in conversations from the very start and continuously in shaping the improvement and future of adult social care. The TLAP ladder of co-production explains what we are trying to achieve really well.

We also recognise when co-production is done well, it is done at a local level so the regional work is designed to help and also set an example for local co-production work.

Working Together for Change – On example of how the Eastern Region is encouraging positive co-production work within local areas

The Sector Led Improvement Programme in the East has part-funded Central Bedfordshire, Essex, Southend and Hertfordshire to implement the “Working Together for Change” Co-production methodology which embeds co-production in various ways.

The model brings together people who access care and support, carers, commissioners and providers to ensure we work together to achieve positive change. Here is a clip from a recent session in March 2023 with Social Care Futures which explains the approach and how we ensure we continue with it rather than it being a one off programme of work. In 2023/24 Milton Keynes and Suffolk will be embracing this model too.