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Transcript of video: Making caretech an everyday thing

This is the transcript of the video Making caretech an everyday thing - an interview with Nathan Downing of TSA

Central Bedfordshire Carers Strategy 2022-27

Fully co-produced Carers Strategy using the Working Together for Change Methodology and TLAP I/We Statements are embedded in the work too.

Transcript of video: Building Community Capacity and Personalised Care

This is the transcript of the video compilation of clips from the Building Positive Futures Programme videos

Safeguarding Guidance - S42 enquiries in secure settings - East of England

Produced by the EoE Safeguarding Network in June 2022 for social workers

Carers week report 2022 - Making Caring Visible, Valued and Supported

Carers week report with key findings and recommendations for 2022

Regional Building Positive Futures Programme ALG23: Support Brokerage and Procurement presentation with Imagineer

Regional Positive Futures Programme session on support brokerage and procurement held 8th June 2022 with Imagineer

Camerados and Public Living Rooms: Evaluation March 2022

What do public living rooms achieve?

Camerados and Public Living Rooms: Want to know more about Camerados and Public Living Room Spaces - look no further

Public Living Room spaces - All about a space for a natter over coffee for people who's lives are not going as they should be!

Video transcript: Can the Buurtzorg model work here

Brendan Martin describes how Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland came into being and its progress to date.

Video transcript: put the person at the centre of mental health services

Isaac Samuels describes his lived experience of mental health services and the value of co-production

Video Transcript: Shared Lives

Mollie Draper and Mae Palydell-Pearce discuss their lived experience of the Shared Lives Plus scheme

Assistive Technology and unlocking potential outcomes presentation - TSA

Presented at the Carers network meeting, Wednesday 26th May 2022.