Video describing “Over a Brew”

Context for “Over a Brews”

We want time to get alongside each other over a brew, to share and test out ideas that will improve people’s experiences of requesting and accessing adult social care. Therefore, over the last couple of years the region alongside Curators of Change (people who access care and support) have set up virtual “Over a Brew” coffee sessions to provide an open, honest space for people who draw on care and support, commissioners and providers to come together to talk about what’s working well and not so well. We are now running season 3.

The key findings from each session, which is now run every last Wednesday of each month (except August and December), will feed back into the “Putting People at the Heart of Care and Support” working group which consists of Assistant Director Leads and Network Leads from local areas.

Who can come to an “Over a Brew”?

Anyone with an interest in the delivery and improvement of adult social care across the East. This could be a person accessing care and support, a person looking for adult social care and support, a family member, a carer, a provider or a member of staff including commissioner of adult social care.

What themes are we going to look at together?

The themes for 2024/25 are:

May 2024 – Revisiting co-production

June 2024 – Ethical Use of AI and Digital Technology

July 2024 – Diversity and Equality

September 2024 – Supporting unpaid carers

October 2024 – Smooth transitions from children’s to adult social care

November 2024 – Online self assessment for people accessing care and support and carers

January 2025 – Appreciating the workforce

February 2025 – Connecting with Communities

March 2025 – Involving communities in self reflections

How do I find out more and book?

For exact dates and booking details, please click:

For resources in relation to the outcomes of the “Over a Brew” sessions please click: Resources – Association of Directors of Adult Social Services Eastern Region (

These are our commitments to improve co-production when we met together as two groups in September 2023. 10 regional commitments to improve co-production locally We will meet again in September 2025 and March/April 2025 to discuss progress.

Over a Brew recordings

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People from across the region talk about the impact of relationships on their experience of care and support. How it feels when it works well, or when there is a complete lack of trust in others
People from the East Region share their experiences of information and advice, and how it feels to be ‘signposted’
Naomi talks to Isaac about the importance of positive relationships in his life
This video includes different perspectives of issues relating to employment, recruitment, and retention, including from the perspective of a direct payment recipient, a lived experience provider and people who work in care

Having a human approach to assessments and reviews
What it is like for people who access care and support to prepare for, go through and process an assessment or review?  The people featured in this video talk about the good, not so good and how it can feel like a Spanish Inquisition at times.
Link to the recording here:

Kate and Eleanor describe the challenges a carer may have when professional support is not as good as it should be