About the Carers Network

Welcome to the Carers Network

A network for carers leads across the region to explore the role of carers, the way in which adult social care can support and provide carers with greater resources and the power to help them care for friends, neighbours and relatives.

Chair – Helen Maneuf

Operations & Commissioning Director for Older People

Hertfordshire County Council

East of England Carers Event 6 December 2022: The Importance of Connection, Purpose and Meaning

We have produced a series of videos from this event which appear below. If you would like to view these with subtitles (auto-generated) please click the box in the corner of the player marked ‘cc’.

A shorter video combining key points of the presentations from Essex CC and Suffolk CC can be found on the Videos page (see main menu).

Videos from the presentation by Maff Potts can also be seen on the Videos page. The presentation in workshop 4 from Hertfordshire, on its working Together for Change project on access to social care services, has previously been made into a video and this can also be found in ‘Videos‘.

Transcripts of videos can be found in Resources.