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Recruitment 30 - notes from 25/11/2021

Recruitment 30 notes 25/11/21

Homecare deficit report 2021

The Homecare Deficit 2021 report exposes the continued deficit in funding for homecare services in the United Kingdom.

Recruitment 30: Ideas from 4th November 2021

Ideas from meeting 4th November 2021

Recruitment 30: ideas from 28th October 2021

Meeting 28th October 2021

Recruitment 30 - How to become a care worker: Norfolk care advertising

Norfolk recruitment video

Working Together for Change presentation - November 2021

Coproduction methodology used in Central Bedfordshire

Recruitment 30 - Values Based Recruitment

Please find the link to 10 features of value based recruitment in wellbeing teams – SCF blog November 2021

Recruitment 30 - Report on why some employers are more successful than others in retention November 2021

Successful retention of staff

ADASS and TSA Report - Exploring technology and integration

Integration and technology - TSA/ADASS report March 2021

Minutes of Carers Network Meeting 27th October 2021

Carers Network Minutes 27th October 2021

Recruitment 30 - Care Friends App

Please find blogs from Skills for Care regarding the Care Friends App which has seen some success with recruitment.

Recruitment 30 ideas from 21st October 2021

21/10/21 Recruitment 30 ideas